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Cerebral Palsy Alliance
Ignite Walk 7 April 2018

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What to expect from this year's Cerebral Palsy Alliance Ignite Walk! 

The Cerebral Palsy Alliance Ignite Walk is excited to be running two new courses this year:

5km Family Friendly Bridge to Bridge - start time of 7pm.

Half Marathon (21km) Dusk to Dark City Route - start time of 4:30pm. 

The half marathon walkers will join up with the other Ignite Walkers and complete the last 5km together ensuring we really Ignite Canberra! 


The Cerebral Palsy Alliance Ignite Walk will kick off with a Neon Ignite Party starting from 4pm at Patrick White Lawns. You can pick up your bibs, grab a bite to eat from the food stalls and get your face painted with neon, glow in the dark face paint! Make sure you purchase a show bag which includes loads of neon glow in the dark goodies to light you up around the course. 

When you cross the finish line you will be greeted by our cheer squad and we will all celebrate together with a MASSIVE FINISH PARTY! 

Registration on the night: You need to pick up your bib at least 30 minutes before your start time, which are as follows:

  • 21km: 4:30pm
  • 5km: 7pm

There will be a warm up for each group 15 minutes before your start time so make sure you are there to join in the fun! 

Plan your journey

Start line: Patrick White Lawns 

Parking: There is plenty of parking at Questacon and the Library carpark, which are adjacent to Patrick White Lawns and it’s all free!!

Facilities: At the Neon Ignite Party you’ll find toilets, first aid, refreshments, merchandise stands and a registration stand to pick up your bib.

What to bring:

  • Lights, bright colours, glow in the dark accessories and neon face paint to Ignite Canberra!
  • Warm jacket
  • Additional layers
  • Hat / gloves / scarf - try and find the brightest colours possible!
  • Water bottle – there will be plenty of water stations to fill up around the course
  • Money – we will have lots of merchandise and refreshments for you to buy on the night

Training: Download celebrity trainer Lee Campbell's awesome skipping routine created just for our Ignite Walkers!

How long will it take?


Power Walker: Less than 1hr

Strider: Less then 1.5hrs

Halfie (21km) 

Power Walker: Less than 4hrs

Strider: Less than 5.5hrs